PVI Solar - FAQ
PVI Solar - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

All PVI Solar signs and solar powered sign kits are programmed to function for the sunlight and weather conditions of the sign's installation location using NASA solar insolation data.  

PVI Solar's Powerline™ solar energy management technology self-calibrates and adapts to local weather patterns, change of seasons and actual sunlight levels, while adjusting for ambient light factors such as adjacent street lights and stray car lights. PVI Solar signs are designed to reliably operate "off-grid" using 100% solar energy for up to 8 days without sunshine.

The batteries are AGM or absorbed glass mat sealed lead acid batteries that are fully recyclable.

Typically yes, however solar conversion is dependent upon sign type and location; please contact 212-280-2100 for further evaluation.

The solar power system is an integrated unit consisting of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, energy storage devices (recyclable AGM gel-type batteries), and PowerLine™ an electronic power management system that regulates the power.

For sign and lighting project locations that have utility grid power available, an Integrated Solar Grid Assist(ISG™) module can be added to use the grid as a back-up. ISG™ technology is designed to use solar energy as its primary source of power. Energy from the grid is only added to the ISG™ system during periods of low solar energy. All solar energy collected is stored by the ISG™ system using batteries and none is sent back to the grid (no net metering).

5 year standard warranty includes PVI’s proprietary Powerline™ Solar Charge Controller & Batteries; 25 yr. mfg. warranty for PV Solar Panels and 8yr warranty on LED's Lighting Modules. (Based on estimated run-time & system specifications, the LED module life should exceed 10yr to 12yr life expectancy). (See PVI Doc # PVI-WARRANTY-01 for more details)

The battery will need to be changed approximately every 5 years. The solar panels are optimally angled to allow most obstacles such as snow, to slide off.  Solar panels very seldom require actual cleaning since wind and rain tend to enable sufficient panel hygiene.

PVI Solar will work closely with your organization to provide optimized solar power systems and solutions for your signage and lighting needs.

PVI will arrange the installation through a network of certified solar system and electrical installers.

Yes. Solar powered products can earn LEED certification points in both Design and Energy Efficiency categories, since they use LED lights and reduce the energy usage and carbon emissions.

In many cases, particularly when a traditional on-grid solution would require trenching in order to install electrical lines, PVI Solar's solutions total cost of ownership (systems plus installation) are typically less than traditional solutions. When installing a new system, retrofitting an existing sign or replacing a traditional grid connected solution with a PVI Solar solution, our payback period typically ranges between 1 and 3 years. See PVI Solar Case Studies tab for more detailed examples.

PVI Solar can also provide upon request a clear & concise cost of ownership model for you project. Please contact 212-280-2100 ext.115 for more details.

We consider and factor product cost, electricity expenses, installation costs, maintenance costs, as well as Federal Solar Investment Tax Credits and other subsidy program savings when calculating ROI and payback periods. We would be happy to analyze and provide an ROI estimate for your project.

Please contact our sales team for a free no obligation consultation, we can schedule a webinar demonstration by calling 212-280-2100 ext.115. We typically suggest that our clients conduct a comprehensive pilot project prior to their initial purchase. We would welcome the opportunity to design a solar application for your organization.

Optimal performance is dependent upon available solar radiation. PVI Solar has evaluated average and low sunlight conditions across the continental United States and will warrant that products with typical performance requirements will operate as required in climates with long winters and limited sunlight.



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