PowerLine solar power management of LED lighting products
PowerLine, solar power management of LED signs and LED lights

The core of our technology is our proprietary programmable integrated circuit board, the PowerLine™ Power Management Unit.   PowerLine™ is the centerpiece of our solar management approach, and provides the foundation for our exclusive customized solar lighting products.  Utilizing PowerLine™, we are able to optimally design our solar-powered systems by minimizing sunlight and input requirements by:

      • Minimizing PV Panel footprint
      • Optimizing number and size of batteries
      • Maximizing solar utilization
      • Maximizing LED brightness and runtime
      • Delivering available energy during low or no-sunlight periods
      • Extending product lifecycle and sustainability

PowerLine™ Specifications:

Download: Powerline™ Specifications Sheet

Fully Integrated Power Management Unit

    • Includes all components required to drive a small scale solar application
    • Developed to integrate with PVI Solar high-intensity LED strips

Dual photovoltaic (PV) panel inputs

    • Obtains higher power PV input harvesting efficiency capability
    • Allows for multisource power inputs including both AC and DC

Three-zone battery charging

    • Status monitoring and voltage-controlled charging at full, slow and trickle rates
    • On-board temperature compensation of charge voltage

Real-time clock

    • Battery-backed module provides reset-proof time-keeping and storage of critical system parameters
    • User-configurable for local time zones, with software fail-safes confirming actual daytime or nighttime status

Multiple operating modes

    • Energy-saving load operation through PWM brightness control
    • Sophisticated Power Management system monitors all incoming and outgoing power
    • Adjusts system behavior for maximum off-grid survival
    • Detects and adapts to environmental “light pollution”
    • Optional timed control or automatic determination of dusk/dawn
    • Start-up self-test and status LEDs

Optional Features

    • RS232 serial port for data-logging, or dynamic configuration
    • Support for remote temperature sensor for battery charge rate compensation
    • Support for non-PV-based ambient light sensors
    • Expandable to manage multiple high power applications

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