PVI Solar - Energy Efficient LED Light Sources
PVI Solar - Custom Built - Solid Construction

Our solar power applications are comprised of component parts carefully selected and tested by our engineers to ensure our products provide optimal design performance.

Solar PV Panels
PVI Solar PV panels are built into custom enclosures, specially designed to be integrated into various applications, there by achieving a sophisticated design which minimizes both size and cost. They use high-capture rate crystalline silicon, the highest efficiency materials available. Our product development teams actively research and examine new technologies including thin film, metallurgical and other PV panel materials. We anticipate that with higher power applications, we will use thin film or other technology as appropriate. Our power management unit is designed to be agnostic with respect to the type of PV panel material used.

Energy Efficient, LED Light Sources
We use high efficiency LEDs that provide the most energy and cost efficient performance. LEDs easily outperform and are more cost effective than fluorescent, incandescent, metal halide, mercury vapor, and neon sources, with vastly longer life and consequently lower maintenance costs.

High Performance, Eco Friendly Lead Acid Gel Type Batteries
PVI Solar uses environmentally friendly, high performance gel type batteries in its solar power systems. Our engineers continue to research other high-capacity storage devices, including super capacitors, which use electro-magnetic technology to store and disburse power as opposed to chemical.

Solid Construction
PVI Solar houses its solar-powered systems in self-contained units engineered to perform in the harshest of conditions including hurricanes, extreme heat, and extreme cold. In addition, our units are designed to be highly resistant to vandalism and theft.


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